Health News

Peanut Allergy Prevention

As food allergies become more prevalent in today’s society, this landmark study seeks to find ways to reduce the rate of peanut allergies in children. Click the link below to read more.

We’ve heard the old adage ‘What’s in a Name”? Well how about What’s in a Color?

How does the color of a pill influence your expectations and usage, not to mention the effect of the medication? Check out this Atlantic Monthly article for answers to these questions and more!

With the Convenience of Liquid Detergent Pods come Safety Concerns for Children

Inside the jewel like colored squishy capsule, liquid detergent pods are full of dangerous chemicals that cause harm to children who see them as toys. This article provides suggestions on how to store this type of soap to avoid injury.

Eye Exams

Eye Exams may lead to Longer Independent Life Taking care of your eyesight is a healthy habit. This article notes the challenges of changing eyesight as we age and reveals the importance of regular eye exams.