Raking Leaves and Your Health

Fall foliage is here in full force, and as beautiful as the leaves look on the tree they don’t look so great once they end up on the lawn and start to fade. Outside of choosing a Halloween costume, raking leaves is the ultimate autumn task. Unlike picking a costume, raking leaves comes with a dose of physical strain. Depending on the size of your lawn raking can be a breeze or an all day affair. Even though it seems harmless at first glance, all types of yard work should start with a stretch. Ten to fifteen minutes of core stretching before you begin raking your lawn reduces the chance that you endure an injury and end up in your Doctor’s office.  Blisters are also something to avoid. Rake with a sturdy pair of gloves, and if you do get a blister, keep it covered to prevent infection. Click Here to check out tips for injury free raking!